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The CAMP is the first pro football audition product designed specifically to help propel aspiring professional football players toward their next professional football destination.

Our team launched a similar product in the Fall of 2019 as SCRIMMAGE. After executing two successful events, resulting in 30% of our street free agent attendees receiving professional football offers, we are reintroducing the event as The CAMP and incorporating valuable input and feedback provided by our athletes, NFL and CFL team executives and professional football agents.

The CAMP is the only event of its kind, where you are guaranteed to perform in front of multiple NFL and CFL scouts and/or executives. Outside of being invited by a specific NFL team to visit its facility, there is no other platform similar to the CAMP. Even if you are fortunate enough to be invited by an NFL team to visit their facility to perform, you perform in front of one team; at CAMP, the same performance occurs in front of multiple teams.

The CAMP is far more efficient than anything offered by the current talent supply pipeline of the NFL or CFL.

The CAMP is a 1 day strategically intensive, professional football audition camp where elite street free agents perform under the direction of former NFL coaches, and most importantly, in front of NFL and CFL scouts and executives. The CAMP is not a try-out or a Combine and does not conduct Combine testing. The football drills performed at the CAMP mimic the drills pro football players are asked to perform when NFL teams invite players to their facilities.

The CAMP will have a specialized audition curriculum for each position created by our position specific coaches. All of our highly specialized, experienced coaches are well known throughout the NFL and all have NFL coaching and/or playing experience and are well-versed in helping aspiring pro football players progress. CAMP attendees will go through drills designed to showcase their specific skills in front of NFL and CFL scouts and executives.

The CAMP is by invitation only - all applicants are pre-screened by our scouting team to ensure they are professional football quality talent. The CAMP provides a non-contact, non-padded, safe environment prioritizing the athletes’ health for future employment opportunities.

The CAMP maintains direct relationships with professional football league offices and teams and will (per HUB FOOTBALL policies) share player data, video and whatever is necessary to enhance the exposure of The CAMP players and provide an additional platform to secure their next professional football opportunity.

Our goal is to have every invited player affirm that the CAMP was the premier pro football audition experience.

The CAMP is curated only for elite street free agents who have exhausted their NCAA eligibility and are aspiring professional football players. This registration is NOT acceptance. You must register, be approved by HUB Scouting Personnel, AND submit the registration fee to be accepted for inclusion in The CAMP. HUB will provide additional information (including registration fee amount) to those approved to attend The CAMP in a timely manner. In addition to coordination with any NFL guidelines, The CAMP will only be executed if HUB officials, in their sole discretion, can provide an environment that abides by all federal, state, and local rules and regulations to hold a safe and proper event for its staff and attendees.

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