The GAME is a game week designed specifically to address the needs of the best pro prospects and NFL teams.

Currently, the best pro prospects and NFL teams rely primarily on NCAA college football to provide a platform to fulfill their needs, but the NCAA product is built to serve its schools, not the best pro prospects and NFL teams. The NCAA model isn't efficient for the best pro prospects or NFL teams.

The best pro prospects need the power to decide their own path to professional football, and they need a platform to learn the professional football game, their ultimate destination. NFL teams and their scouting staffs want to see the best against the best in one place, in NFL-style drills. The GAME will be the platform to deliver on these needs.

The GAME will be a series of one-week games – beginning in 2022. The GAME will essentially be run exactly like a typical NFL practice week, with intensive classroom and on-field instruction by coaches with extensive professional football experience. The week will culminate in a game, played with NFL rules - the only exception is that The GAME will implement certain rules to make all practices and the game safer for players. The GAME also will be the place for interviews and personal connections to happen between the best prospects, NFL scouting staffs and agents and coaches.

All players who have not yet gone through the typical NFL Draft process will be eligible for The GAME. Additionally, The GAME is by invitation only. Any player may register for The GAME, but HUB FOOTBALL's scouting staff will determine the invitations. Players can decide for themselves whether to register for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

HUB FOOTBALL's professional football team clients will be actively scout The GAME, thereby ensuring prominent exposure for The GAME's participants.

The GAME's players will not be compensated; therefore, it is likely they can retain any NCAA eligibility they may have. All players can consult their university compliance department.

If you have the skills for professional football, The GAME is an additional tool for you to consider on your path to your dream. You only have to have the potential - there is no other red tape or obstacles to you and your family. You will perform in front of NFL scouts and coaches. And you - not anyone else - gets to decide how many of the events you want to participate in. You, the player, is in charge.

More information coming soon!